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OACS Help Desk

The OACS Help Desk Technicians help to maintain, troubleshoot, and assist with university-owned hardware within the BSOS College. 

  • Hours of Operation:  Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM              
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Reserve OACS Technology

OACS sets up reservations for computer labs, projectors, and laptops.

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OACS Classroom Technology Support

OACS Classroom Technology Support provides training and “first-response” support for a subset of campus technology-enabled General Purpose Classrooms (GPCs) as part of the University of...

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Technology Purchase Consult

OACS is available to help you decide what type of hardware you should purchase to meet your needs. Please open a work order with us to schedule a discussion.


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Software Availability

OACS installs software on University-owned machines in BSOS campus offices.  For office installations, please open an OACS work order.  We also provide information on how to obtain...

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Website Provisioning

OACS works with BSOS Communications to provide modern structured websites to BSOS departments, centers, and related units.  OACS also maintains a legacy web space for BSOS faculty, staff, and units through a simple web-hosted structure...

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