Accounts on the BSOS Web server may be assigned to individuals who are faculty or staff in the BSOS College. 

An individual who is assigned a BSOS Web server account:

  • Is the sole owner of that account
  • Is responsible for the user ID and password for that account
  • May be granted access to one or more directories on the Web server
  • Is responsible for all content placed in the assigned directories

Use of the Web site must be in accordance with the University of Maryland's Acceptable Use Guidelines ( )

Official University pages must comply with the University of Maryland's Visual Identity Program ( )

  • No illegal or pornographic material
  • Not for profit (no personal moneymaking ventures)
  • May use up to 50 MB of Web server disk resources
  • May not run processes on the Web server unless given explicit permission by the BSOS Web server WebMaster
  • Execute access is restricted by default
  • Execute access may be requested for specific directories
  • The OACS WebMaster reserves the right to deny Execute access to any BSOS Web server account
  • There is no charge for the storage and display of up to 50 MB of static Web content.
  • Any number of read-only database files may be stored as "static Web content" for download purposes.  For database files that will be read or modified via the Web system, scripting services must be in place.