Perhaps, one of the most notable services we provide is our LAN management support services.  Our original master agreement with the State of Maryland, beginning well over eight years ago, was chartered to provide management and oversight of the local area networks of the 4 busiest Child Support Enforcement locations throughout the State of Maryland including the central headquarters; our LAN services have become a staple of our continuing relationship with the State of Maryland as we have continued to expand the services base available to them.

Our LAN staff is comprised of a team of highly skilled, talented and certified individuals.  As such, it is not surprising, that some of our LAN Administrators not only hold Masters Degrees, but also hold multiple Microsoft certifications and continue to add to their knowledge base by keeping up-to-date on the latest technological advances while also seeking to augment their skills by pursuing new educational / technical endeavors. 

The LAN Administrators associated with our project serve many roles at the locations they reside at.  They serve as technical advisors to their site directors, they manage the network, provide computer / IT support in addition to providing IT consulting when projects their directors pursue directly impact or affect the network we manage.  As such, our LAN Administrators serve as IT subject matter experts at their prospective locations and are far from mere computer troubleshooting personnel.

Each LAN Administrator on this team is directly responsible for a CSEA Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) and has an average user base of over one hundred personnel.   In addition to supporting the designated OCSE they are assigned to, our LAN Administrators also support satellite offices associated with their OCSE.  These offices include the county court house, sheriff’s office in addition to Child Support First locations (Prince Georges County).  Although each University of Maryland LAN Administrator is responsible for their prospective location and associated satellite sites, they also share LAN managerial duties with each LAN Administrator on our team in addition to their current duties.  As such, the University of Maryland is able to provide a uniquely agile approach to user / network support by being able to focus additional state-wide resources on addressing a problem at a moment’s notice.